Custom Distributor Inventory Plug-In

For Component Manufacturers

Stockcheck is a "seamless" Distributor Inventory Referral "plug-in", right on your Web site, that allows your website visitors to click on or enter a part number, then locate and purchase inventory from your distributor's on-hand inventory, 24-7, directly from your website. You keep your customers in your channel and avoid alternate sourcing.

Stockcheck allows you to keep a tight rein on your customers throughout the inquiry, distribution, and buying cycle. Your Customers navigate your site for the information on the part they seek, click on that part number to view which of your franchised distributors have that part in current stock, click on that distributor and place the order whereupon the E-Commerce transaction is completed. It's the perfect solution in creating a closed-loop from inquiry to purchase cycle. 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. One-stop shopping for your customers.